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Choosing the right qualification is the first step into a fruitful career.

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Your Rights

Education is a right, these are some legal bases on your rights as a student.

1987 Constitution, Article XIV, Section 1-5

  • Section 9 - Student rights

  • Section 10 - Staff rights

  • Section 11 - Trainer rights

  • Section 12 - Admin. rights

  • Section 13 - School rights

  • Section 17 - Obligations

  • Section 29 - Accreditation

  • Section 41 - Financial Assistance

Batas Pambansa BLG. 232 or the 'Education Act of 1982'

Our Framework

Key Words

Program, refers to the entirety of your stay with SMI including the Assessment and Graduation Processes

Course, refers to  the Training part comprising of the basic, common, and core units of competency, as well as On-the-Job Training which is considered as part of Training.

Qualification, refers to the specific type of course with which you want to take up at SMI.

Unit of Competency, refers to the smallest increment of measure of your academics at SMI, it is comprised of progression and achievement activities.

Competency-Based Curriculum, A regulated list of subjects comprising a specific SMI course.

Competency Based Learning Materials (CBLM), refers to the physical or digital tools used by trainers to support learning objectives such as those activities that comprise the units of competency.

Batch, refers to your class, since Technical-Vocational institutes do not follow the concrete class scheduling of Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary schools, your class has its own unique start date and end date of training which is completely independent of other classes inside SMI, therefore, your class is your batch.