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Recovery Promotion for Outbound OFWs
In Partnership with
The Association of International Recruitment Agencies (AIRA) 

Scope of Partnership

International Labor Force - Skills Mastery (ILF-SMI), Inc. has consistently offered Domestic Work and other related courses since its establishment in 2006, over the years several shifts in policy would have forced us to stop offering this qualification to the public, but we remained committed to continue to open our doors in order to provide an opportunity to Filipinos to acquire gainful employment through domestic or work abroad, as one of the few schools remaining that has a perfect track record, maintained a valid Certificate of Program Registration despite TESDA's year-long suspension, and the devastating economic effects of the pandemic, SMI is still committed to provide affordable training services to outbound OFWs and industry partners.

In 2021, we have not sat still and allow economic and financial constraints affect our partners, we are proud to offer a solution to all AIRA members.

We are proud to introduce The Skills Mastery Institute Cloud Campus powered by Google Workspace for Education, a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to deliver an online modular course on Domestic Work NC II.  Training is now online and self-paced, meaning a huge reduction in training fees as well as additional savings on the part of agency operations when it comes to transportation, housing, and meal allowance costs for applicants.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Pay the enrollment fee of P4,000.00 either through cash or electronic bank deposit, bank details can be found here.

  2. Your applicant must personally enroll here.

  3. We will send them an email notification of their new account to their personal email address.

  4. Applicant must login Gmail using their new account and password.

  5. Applicant proceeds to to begin their course.


Training ​Methodology

  • We will cover Domestic Work NC II as defined by TESDA through its Training Regulation, click here.

  • Training must be completed within Thirty (30) Calendar Days as mandated by TESDA Memorandum Circular No. 153 s. 2021, click here.

  • If the trainee requires an extension we will charge an additional fee.

Benefits of the New Package

  • Self-paced; applicant can finish the course at their own time, free from the stress of a strict 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM class;

  • Less housing and meal costs on the part of the Agency;

  • Moderator support available daily and Trainer support available weekly.

  • 24/7 Technical support from SMI

Tuition Breakdown

This page was updated on 25 October 2021