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Assessment Center

The National Competency Assessment is a government regulated certification process
that aims in regulating the quality of education of Technical-Vocational Institutes (TVI)

Our Qualifications

Official TESDA promulgated rates are offered to DepEd-JDVP, TESDA-TWSP, PESFA, and STEP, DSWD-SLP and MCCT scholars and beneficiaries.  If you are a private TVI or an employer and would like to request for a special or discounted rate please Contact Us. so we can send you a formal proposal.

Accreditation Statuses

*Renewal - When we have designated a qualification for renewal it means we cannot (currently) entertain endorsements or assessment applications until we have successfully passed our regulatory inspections and are issued a new Accreditation Number. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

*For Application - Qualifications for application are those brand new qualifications that we have decided to offer, this means we are currently investing our resources to create the facilities needed in order to pass the Unified TVET Program Registration and Accreditation System (UTPRAS) of TESDA.  For the time being we cannot (currently) entertain endorsements or assessment application until we have successfully passed our regulatory inspections and are issued a new Accreditation Number.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

*Suspended - Qualifications which SMI has decided to either temporarily or permanently cease to offer due to either health or safety concerns related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, or for statutory or regulatory reasons.

Is this your first time at SMI? please read our policies on payments and services!



Basic requirements for all applicants.

1. You age must be at least 18 
2. Unique Learner Identifier (ULI) No. from the TVET School where you graduated from.
NATCAC Application Form

4. Self-Assessment Guide of the qualification you're applying for

5. (Photocopy) Government ID

6. 3 pcs. Passport Sized Photo (Studio quality)

7. Your own client (Beauty Care NCII and Massage Therapy NCII only)

Assessment Procedure


If you are a School, Company (HR Representative, or Manpower Agency

Step 1 - Send an endorsement signed by duly authorized representative using this template at least five to ten working days (5-10) days before your preferred assessment schedule

IMPORTANT: As of October 15, 2019 - All Competency Assessments for Domestic Work NCII will be temporarily suspended as per TESDA Memorandum Circular No. 087

IMPORTANT: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will be strictly enforcing a NO MASK. NO ENTRY. policy, all endorsements will be received at our Front Office, guests will no longer be permitted to enter the administrative offices.

If you are a TVET graduate or an Industry Practitioner (Professional)

Step 2 - Submit all requirements

Step 3- Have your Self-Assessment Guide (SAG) validated by the Assessment Center Manager

Step 4 - Pay the necessary fees

Step 5 - Wait for confirmation via call text or email from the official SMI Assessment Center hotline (See Directory)

Assessment Day

Step 6 - Show up at the assessment venue on time.

Step 7 - Present your admission slip to the Competency Assessor

Step 8 - Assessment passers must keep their CARS to claim their certificate.



TESDA-Provincial Office

Step 7 - Claim your National Certificate at the provincial office, do not forget to bring your CARS (fees may apply) if you have lost your CARS (Note: For lost or damaged CARS please call our hotline - See Directory)

For OFWs - Our fees do not include the Red Ribbon or CAV  which you must pay for when you get your National Certificate at the nearest TESDA Provincial Office 

Financial Policy

Please read our policy here.