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Bundled Qualifications

At Skills Mastery Institute we value our Business Partners by adding value to your business.
Our bundled qualifications seek to provide you with the best - most feasible options for enhancing your workforce.

Determining your Need

Not all businesses are the same - This goes for your enhancement needs.  The Self-Assessment Guide is a TESDA created tool used by SMI, under the office the Assessment Center Manager, in determining whether or not your workers are ready for the National Competency Assessment (SAG)

After completing the SAG

Based on the results of the SAG we will then compute the training time required for your workers to acquire the necessary knowledge and skill to pass the National Competency Assessment this can either take two to twenty-five (2-25) sessions depending on how well the workers respond to the SAG.

Computing your Training Cost

The costs of training will vary depending on the length and duration of training as well as any other negotiations that may either add or reduce costs - We at SMI are always open to negotiation and welcome and opportunity for our business partners to save whatever cost they can!