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June 12, 2019


Enters raw data in either of the major database modules of Skills Mastery Institute, a data encoder is responsible for the accuracy, validity, and timeliness of the entry of information as part of the key administrative processes.


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Entry Procedure

Email your application to​ph

Please attach the following,

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume (with your picture)


Note: Please include your contact information on your cover letter​ so we can contact you.



Once you've submitted your cover letter or resume please wait up to 5 working days upon confirmation of receipt for interview scheduling from our Human Resources Director​, please note that if you have not been contacted within 5 working days upon confirmation of receipt, it means your application was denied outright.

Work Conditions

At Skills Mastery Institute we strive to maintain fair and productive work standards.

As part of our efforts to have the best business practices we are transparent about our work conditions

Physical Work Conditions - some jobs in SMI may require a degree of physical exertion such as carrying objects or documents of a certain acceptable weight. 

Mental Work Conditions - some jobs in SMI may require critical thinking or problem solving

Environmental Work Conditions - Office working conditions are considered optimal with some dust and heat.

National/Special Holidays - SMI does not require work during holidays

Overtime - Overtime is very rare and often only ends before 9pm

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