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Construction Sector

Choosing the right qualification is the first step into a fruitful career.



Do you like to work with your hands? Do you like to build things? Carpentry might be the course for you! Carpentry is a profession where you work with wooden planks, wooden beams, a hammer, nail, a saw, and measuring equipment to create Form Works used for the construction of buildings. 


It is a highly sought after and marketable profession - although very labor intensive, it offers a lot of benefits, marketability in work opportunities, with a fair take home pay.


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Your Rights

Education is a right, these are some legal bases on your rights as a student.

1987 Constitution, Article XIV, Section 1-5

  • Section 9 - Student rights

  • Section 10 - Staff rights

  • Section 11 - Trainer rights

  • Section 12 - Admin. rights

  • Section 13 - School rights

  • Section 17 - Obligations

  • Section 29 - Accreditation

  • Section 41 - Financial Assistance

Batas Pambansa BLG. 232 or the 'Education Act of 1982'

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