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Governance and Management

The Board of Trustees

The authority of the Board of Trustees is specified under Batasang Pambansa BLG. 68, the defined roles and responsibilities by which a Trustee carries out their authority is defined by SMI's articles of incorporation and it's pertinent documents such as Skills Mastery Institute's Human Resources Manual.

Madam Chair is the highest ranking officer of the board of trustees of SMI and presides over all formal board meetings and quora.  She represents the Institute in all matters of Public Relations as well as the principal signatory to all agreements entered into by the institute.

The Board Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all the corporation's financial records and audited corporate financial statements as well as all accounting books and ledgers.

The Board Secretary is responsible for maintaining a record of all board meetings as well as the minutes and is the principal signatory for all board (secretary) certifications when required by law for submission.

Trustee is a regular voting member of the board and is responsible for their participation on corporate affairs.

Senior Management

President and CEO is a combined position that represents the highest authority on all administrative and academic affairs and is the highest position in the corporate structure of Skills Mastery Institute, this officer approves, can veto, or override all organizational decisions.

Chief Operations Officer is the administrative head of the organization, the COO is responsible for the control and distribution of all corporate assets and the allocation of company resources such as classrooms, workshops, tools, equipment, materials, consumables, and vehicles.

Chief Finance Officer is the head of the organizations financial and accounting departments, the CFO is responsible for the review of the organizations departmental funds and is the final signatory for all Training and Assessment budgets.

is a consultative and in some situations posses the power of attorney on all corporate legal affairs, 

Junior Management

Academic Director description to follow



Executive Director description to follow



Human Resources Director description to follow


School Director description to follow

Affiliate Management

Assessment Center Manager description to follow



JOBFIT General Manager description to follow



Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Manager description to follow


Fire Safety Chairperson description to follow

Bar Manager description to follow