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Who We Are

Our Vision

Skills Mastery Institute envisions to be an institution of excellence and a leading provider of globally competitive-skilled Filipino workers with a strong determination to alleviate poverty and imbued with spiritual strength and work values characterized with decency, dedication, determination, and devotion to service and effective stewardship.

Our Mission

Skills Mastery Institute to achieve its vision by enforcing responsive policies, plans, programs, procedures, and conducting continuing organizational partnership development with the goal of directed resource mobilization for the skills mastery of globally competitive Filipino workers.

Our Goals

Customer Perspective

Graduates of SMI are highly marketable and competitive in the local and global job markets and are properly employed in sectors they are training for.


SMI is perceived as a leading provider of technical education in Mindanao, highly preferred by applicants, employers, and industry partners for its image of quality, reliability, relevance, and leadership in higher qualifications and specialized fields

Financial Perspective

SMI is a model of sustainable technical vocational education in the Philippines, with strong income streams from own-paid tuition fees; placement fees; technopreneurship income, industry partnerships and financial assistance from the government.

Internal Processes Perspective

SMI is a showcase institution of excellence, characterized by state of the art facilities and buildings, specialized programs in higher qualifications, quality assured systems and processes and delightful client service provision.

Learning and Growth Perspective

SMI faculty and staff are highly competent and innovative and reflect the leadership, excellence, service, and God-centered values that the institute stands for.

Our Creed and Core Principles

Core Principles

Honor GOD in all we do

Income from work that benefit humanity

Good to excellent attributes

Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty

Passion to empower the less privileged

Pride of workmanship

Continued self-improvement

Drive out fears, break down barriers


GOD has put in our hearts the ability to teach
fill them
(all SMI students) with skills to do all manner of work
Exodus 35:35