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Kit Distribution for Bread and Pastry NCII Trainees in Kinoguitan

31 Beneficiariess of Bread & Pastry NCII, under the DSWD Sustainable Livelihood Program were eagerlly waiting and very much excited to receive their tool kits.

The Kit distribution was attended by their dynamic and supportive Mayor, Danilo "Jun-Jun" Lagbas, together with his wife Gagang Lagbas; SMI President & CEO, Dr. Irene L. Floro; SMI Executive Director, Pinky Villamor; PDO Timothy Gumbao; Kinoguitan Admin, Lowel Tacandong; and MSlWDO Malot Macapawas. The distribution was held ast September 14, 2017, 2PM at the Municipal Conference room.

"Aside from the Skills Training that we provide, we also give out the materials, ingredients and allowance for all our beneficiaries, for them to be able to start-up their own business. In this way, we are not only giving them the knowledge but the chance of making their life and their families a better future with the skills that they have learned and even use it to apply for a job here or abroad', Dr. Irene Floro said during her Inspirational Message.

Each beneficiary has received the following materials ; 1 apron, 4 pairs face mask, 1 box food gloves, 2 pcs. pot holders, 2 pcs. rags, 1 pc. hair net, 1 pc. kitchen scissors, 1 pc. wooden laddle, 1 set measuring cup, 1 set measuring spoon, 1 pc. rubber scraper, 1 set dugh cutter, 1 pc. plastic container, 1 pc. flour sifter/strainer, 1 pc.mixing bowl, 1 pc. grater, 1 pc. pastry brush, 1 pc. wire whisk, 1 set baking pans (3pcs), 1 pc. roller pin, 1 pc. oven, 1 pc. uniform, 1 pc. bag with print, 1 pc. ballpen, 1 pc.notebook, 1 pc. skills booklet, 1 lot ingredients for Start-up, and 1 lot supplies and materials, for a total amount of P4,300.

Apart from the materials that the beneficiaries has received, they will also be receiving an allowance of 100/day for 27 days, which is the total number of days that the trainees wil undergo. It has always been heart-warming to witness faces of happiness and hope from our beneficiaries making us realized the worth and value in everything we do.