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Kit Distribution for Cookery NCII Trainees

50 Beneficiaries of Cookery NCII under the DSWD Sustainable Livelihood Program were busy cooking when we arrived in Caba-Caba beach, Alubijid at 10AM, last September 15, 2017, where they hold their training since day 1. The students became excited when they saw us bringing the tools and equipment, which we will be distributing to each one of them.

SMI President and CEO, Dr. Irene Floro, was amazed on how the students expertly showed their cooking skills and the techniques that they have learned from their trainer, Ms. Teresita Z. Bacarro. The beneficiaries were divided and grouped into 4 groups, cooking the same menu and later on be judged by Dr. Floro as to whose group has the most delicious and well-cooked Pork Kaldereta and Four Seasons Vegetable.

"The skills that you have learned from this training will not only equipped you on how to cook, but most importantly to give you and your Family a much better life compared before where you can engage in selling or catering business", says Dr. Irene Floro during her inspirational message. Aside from the tools and equipment that the beneficiaries will get, assessment ingredients and capital will be given for them to use in starting up their own carenderia or catering business.

The kit distribution was assisted by SMI Executive Director, Ms. Pinky Villamor; PDO Jennifer Porras; and SMI President and CEO, Dr. Irene Floro. The beneficiaries received the following tools & equipment: Apron, Can Opener, Chef's Knife, Face Mask, Food gloves, Hair net, Laddle, Wooden Spatula, Turner, Measuring Cup, Measuring spoon, Peeler, Pot holder, Rags, Cleaver's Knife, Chopping board, Frying Pan, Casserole pan, Uniform, Bag with print, Ballpen, Notebook, Skills booklet, Supplies & Materials.


What better way to end the activity than to taste and eat what the beneficiaries have cooked, coupled with some desserts in a relaxing beach cottage with a nice beach view and fresh air.