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175 DSWD-SLP Beneficiaries Graduated in Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCII

Impasug-ong, Bukidnon - 175 beneficiaries finally marched their way up to the stage and received their SMAW NCII certificates.

One day before the event, some of the beneficiaries who lived all the way from Calabugao, Impasug-ong, decided to travel earlier and be at the venue a night before the program. Traveling from Calabugao to the municipal proper would take them at least 5 hours and the beneficiaries are afraid that they might be late since they need to be at the venue before 9am for their graduation rehearsal and releasing of toga. Aside from the financial support that SMI has provided to the beneficiaries for their meals, the Honorable Mayor of Impasug-ong, Mayor Anthony A. Uy, also provided sleeping mats and electric fans that the beneficiaries can use while sleeping in the gym.

The commencement exercise was well-attended by Community Facilitators, Municipal Social Welfare Development Officers, PESO Managers, Municipal Admin Officers, DSWD Action Team Leaders, Mr. Ben Gabriel Uy, Impasug-ong LGU Representative; Sumilao Vice Mayor, Hon. Emily Okit; RSW/SWO III of Impasug-ong, Jessette D. Lusoc (Keynote Speaker); Senior TESDA Specialist, Abdulwahid Madum; and SMI President & CEO, Dr. Irene L. Floro.

A heart-warming message from one of the Beneficiaries was one of the highlights during the program. Mr. Richard S. Salintao, a native and lumad of the Higaonon tribe of Calabugao, Impasug-ong said, “No words can express how grateful we are that the government has set aside funds for numerous skills training through the Department of Social Welfare and Development, in partnership with TESDA and Skills Mastery Institute that we the beneficiaries can avail and be certified. Not to mention the additional benefits we have received like our allowances, training kits and equipment”. Mr. Salintao also said that attending the commencement exercise and receiving his SMAW NCII certificate was so surreal that he can’t contain his happiness.

The beneficiaries also heard words of inspiration from our guests, two of which is from the President and CEO of Skills Mastery Institute, Dr. Irene Floro and in behalf of the DSWD Regional Director, Mr. Nestor Ramos, RSW/SWO II Jessette D. Lusoc also gave her speech as the Keynote Speaker. “As graduates of SMAW NCII or in any qualifications for that matter, there are only two things that you as beneficiaries should remember as the basic and most important requirement when you apply for a job. One is the SKILLS that you have learned which is just 20% and the remaining 80% should come from your ATTITUDE”, says Dr. Floro.

On the other hand, Ms. Jessette Lusoc focused her speech on the importance of skills training and why the government is really giving value and financial funds for skills training education. “The government believes that no one should be poor and remain poor’, says Ms. Lusoc.

The commencement exercise ended with a Photo Opportunity from all the guests with the SMAW NCII graduates. An allowance distribution happened after, where the beneficiaries received their remaining 10 days OJT allowance of P1,000.