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Transnational Education

Study. Live. Work. Abroad

What is SMI's Transnational Education Sector

It is an entire academic division of the school dedicated to Ladderized Education where we bridge Secondary and Tertiary Education through Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

In place of a standardized domestic TVET (which is required for overseas employment process) we acquire licensing from the Australian Government through Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) to deliver off-shored Australian Certificate level III qualifications and implement them here in the Philippines under certain conditions.

Why We Offer Transnational Education

At SMI we believe in providing vast opportunities for students and professionals to better their employment outcomes through quality training with internationally recognized certifications.

Who Can Qualify for Transnational Education

  • High School Graduate;

  • Between the ages 18-40; 41+ is still allowed under certain conditions;

  • Career-Shifters;

  • Healthy Physical Condition (subject to a medical examination);

  • Individuals who are ready, willing, and able to study and work in AU;

What are the Benefits of Transnational Education

  • Locally available Australian Qualification that is extremely cost friendly;

  • It’s a wholesome and fulfilling experience;

  • You meet new people, immerse in another culture, gain friendships;

  • You learn new skills and expand your education;

  • You earn a salary and live independently;

  • Opens opportunities and pathways to migration.

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