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Technical-Vocational Education and Training

Find the right qualification for you.

*Prices temporarily excluded - due to several factors that affect pricing, we have temporarily excluded prices from our training services listing, We apologize for the inconvenience! If you are simply canvassing or wish find out about our previous rates offered please Contact Us.

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Basic requirements for all school applicants.

  • High School Graduate

  • 18 years old and above

  • Below 45 years of age

School Requirements:

1. SMI Registration Form

2. 2 pcs. Passport Sized Photo (Studio Quality)

3. Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate or a Photocopy of any valid Government ID




Step 1 - Contact the SMI Front Office to get an orientation schedule (wait for confirmation via text, call, or email)

Step 2 - At the orientation listen closely to all the terms and conditions of the training - sign the orientation checklist (don't forget to bring a notebook and pen)

Step 3 - (If you have agreed to all the terms and conditions of training) Submit your registration form and pay our matriculation fee (not applicable for TWSP, PESFA, or STEP scholarships) 


Step 4 - Once you have submitted your registration form fill up our Attestation (Scholars only) have your ID picture taken at the Registrar, located at the 2nd floor of the Main Campus.



Step 5 - Go to the Front Office to request your Certificate of Training

Financial Policy

Please read our policy here.

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